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Madelyn Ginesi

Marketing Specialist

Maddy was born and raised in South Louisiana and she currently resides in the captivating landscapes of Colorado. As a spirited extrovert, she draws energy and inspiration from the company of others. Maddy’s heart brims with creativity, and she constantly seeks avenues to express her artistic nature. Maddy loves to explore new horizons and immerse herself in diverse cultures to witness the remarkable beauty crafted by God. Maddy has an unwavering love for Jesus and she cherishes her family and friends. 


You will likely find Maddy dressed in sparkles or bright colors, talking to strangers in aesthetically pleasing coffee shops, spontaneously booking plane tickets, yelling at live sporting events, savoring a glass of red wine, trying to finish one of the seven books she is currently reading, or dancing (anytime, anywhere, any music, or no music). Maddy is the ultimate daydreamer with a thirst for knowledge and a zest for life. She’s all about embracing the good times with her partner-in-crime, her bro, and her four-legged buddy, Bray. When it comes to health and wellness, Maddy’s on a mission to get our bodies back to their prime, just the way God intended.


Vibrant, expressive, adventurous, joyful, vivacious—those words perfectly sum up Maddy’s incredible vibe. She’s all about living life to the fullest, adding a splash of color and excitement wherever she goes. So buckle up, because Maddy’s on a thrilling journey that’ll leave you in awe of her contagious energy and unstoppable spirit.

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